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Academic Leadership

Anneli AdamsEva Anneli Adams, associate dean, International and Access Programs

Areas of Expertise: Leadership of non-matriculated international programs and access programs, such as Pre-College, Open Campus and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Contact Information:, (530) 757-8694

Linda BehrensLinda Behrens, associate dean, Online Education

Areas of Expertise: Building engaging online learning experiences with proven outcomes, adult learning theory and instructional design
Contact Information:, (530) 754-5101

Susan M. Brooks, program director, Northern California Training Academy

Areas of Expertise: Human services training and workforce and organizational development
Contact Information:, (530) 754-5846

James BrownJames Brown, senior director, Agricultural, Health, Environmental and Life Sciences

Areas of Expertise: Fermentation and Life Sciences
Contact Information:, (530) 752-2272

Ruth E. DickoverRuth E. Dickover, director, Forensic Science Graduate Program

Areas of Expertise: Forensic science
Contact Information:, (530) 747-3913

Jacob HosierJacob Hosier, interim director, Global Study Program

Areas of Expertise: Developing international study and research programs and building international programs with partners from campus and global universities
Contact Information:, (530) 752-7314

Kathy Jones KellyKathy Jones Kelley, program manager, Human Services Custom Training and Services

Areas of Expertise: Human services training and organizational development
Contact Information:, (530) 754-1499

Alex W. LowrieAlex W. Lowrie, senior director, Technology, Engineering and Data Programs

Areas of Expertise: Technology, engineering and data program development, and program market and viability research
Contact Information:, (415) 652-0404

Amanda OppermanAmanda Opperman, senior director, Business, Management and Leadership Programs

Areas of Expertise: Workforce development, economic development, corporate education, program development, business model generation and market research
Contact Information:, (530) 757-8824

Dianne ThompsonDianne Thompson, program director, Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice and Center for Excellence in Child Development

Areas of Expertise: Integrated, multidisciplinary educational approaches for human services professionals who support children, youth and families; education and social service delivery systems for high-risk populations; and education for adults working with infants, children and their families
Contact Information:, (530) 757-8600