Horsepacking Student Reviews

Rose Rollo, Mountain Horsemanship student

“This class was a life-changing experience! It was a wonderful adventure and a good preparation for owning a horse. It was the perfect learning environment and offered valuable face time with the instructors and veterinarians. I now feel better prepared to take the next step in getting a horse and have more self-confidence in handling animals. While it was a stretch financially, after only two hours into the trip, I knew it was worth it!”

Nancy Harrington, Mountain Horsemanship student

“One of the best adventures I’ve been on! I began the trip apprehensively, loving the idea of it but not quite sure I could follow through with the reality. I ended the trip wanting it to keep going!”

William Bealmear, Mountain Horsemanship student

“A fantastic course. I learned a lot and had the trip of a lifetime! What I valued most was seeing a top notch pack station in action and the knowledge that instructor Craig London shared.”

June Wynhoff, Mustangs student

“This course provided a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The instructors and staff went above and beyond.”