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About Our Programs

Planning and Sustainability

The diversity of disciplines in our Planning and Sustainability program reflects the synergy between land use planning, design and the built environment and natural resources. Our courses and certificate programs are continually evolving to address the emerging environmental issues in the areas of planning and sustainability as new advances in policy, technology and best practices emerge. Return to program page.

Land Use and Natural Resources

Our award-winning Land Use and Natural Resources program gives you the tools and concepts to tackle the toughest land use planning and natural resource management challenges. Courses cover a broad range of topics, including infrastructure, public policy, land use planning, transportation, environmental regulations, water quality, resource management, habitat conservation and more. Discover why planners, attorneys, public agencies, consultants and engineers rely on UC Davis Extension for the latest, ground-truthed land use and natural resources training. Explore our Land Use and Natural Resources classes.


Our Sustainability program combines aspects of green building, sustainable design and energy efficiency to develop healthier communities and discover effective solutions to some of the energy and water challenges facing California’s communities.

Recognizing the integrated nature of sustainable solutions, our multidisciplinary approach allows students from a variety of sectors, including energy, planning and policy, environmental and water resources, and public health, to access practical, timely training. Explore our Sustainability courses.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and GIS practitioners are growing in demand as more and more industries discover the economic and strategic value in visualizing, analyzing and interpreting data to understand relationships, patterns and trends. From agriculture to land use planning, GIS allows land owners, decision makers and the public to visualize and understand the spatial relationships between our communities and the issues that affect them. Explore our GIS courses.

Water Resources

From recent droughts in the west to devastating floods in the southeast, management of our water resources is one of the defining issues of our time as communities continue to grow. From water law and policy to water resources planning and urban growth, these courses aim to give practical guidance for those involved with managing California's complex water supplies. Explore our Water Resources courses.