Cyber Security Immersion Academy

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Program at a Glance
Less than 9 months
3 online classes

Cyber Security: Be part of the solution

Our financial security, business infrastructure and personal information are under constant threat from cyberattacks. As a cyber security professional, you’ll be on the front lines, protecting businesses and government organizations from increasingly sophisticated cyber-criminals and nation-state actors.

With a shortage of more than 3 million workers, the career outlook for junior SOC analysts, information security analysts and other trained cyber security experts is outstanding, and the field continues to grow at a rate much faster than other careers. The average salary for information security analysts is almost $100,000.

Gain the Skills You Need to Enter This High-Demand Career

Our online Cyber Security Immediate Immersion Academy will give you the skills, confidence and experience to break into this critical, exciting field. In just three simulation-based online courses, you’ll have the training you need for a great job as a cyber security professional.

What You’ll Learn

Our online, project-based program features three courses that build your knowledge step by step: Cyber Security Immediate Immersion, Cyber Defense and Cyber Attack. Our courses will give you:

  • Analytical thinking skills and the confidence to research and solve complex problems
  • The ability to think like an attacker, as you learn to exploit common vulnerabilities and analyze traffic at the packet level
  • A keen eye for recognizing malware and understanding the identifying features of an exploit kit attack
  • The training to analyze network and system logs using a security information and event monitoring system (SIEM)
  • The skills to compile indicators of compromise to forensic analysis, conduct a forensic disk examination and report appropriately to technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • The advanced ability to execute a complex cyber operations mission

What You’ll Get

Our program is so much more than a basic online course. We offer:

  • A concentrated curriculum of three intensive courses, so you can make progress at the pace that’s right for you
  • One-on-one mentorship to guide you through the program
  • A 100% online format, allowing you to work through tasks in a private cloud environment -- you’ll receive help, advice and feedback as you need it
  • A project-based environment that enables you to perform authentic work with realistic tasks

The career outlooks for cyber security professionals is better than most any other career. Trained cyber professionals are in high demand and can command higher-than-average salaries. Cyber security also offers a clear pathway for advancement, for those who wish to move into management and executive positions.

  • The average salary for Information Security Analysts is almost $100,000.
  • US jobs in cyber security are growing at a rate of 32% per year—much faster than average.
  • The current unemployment rate is 0%.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

Completion of the Cyber Security Immersion Academy requires three courses, which must be taken sequentially. The first course, Cyber Security: Immediate Immersion will build the foundation for the following two courses, Cyber Security Defense and Cyber Security Attack.

  • Course 1 - Cyber Security: Immediate Immersion (6 weeks): In this first scenario-based simulation training course, you'll learn basic cyber security skills and decide if a career in information security is right for you.
  • Course 2 - Cyber Security Defense (11 weeks): This course is designed to further your experience and impart a strong foundation of defensive information security skills. After completing this class, you’ll be prepared for an entry-level career as a security operations center or digital forensics analyst.
  • Course 3 - Cyber Security Attack (15 weeks): The final course in the series focuses on key offensive skills and starts you on the path to becoming an offensive cyber operations professional. After completing this course, you’ll have end-to-end experience working in all key areas of information security.
  • $9,597 covers tuition for all three courses.
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