Advanced Conflict Resolution Skills

Quarter Academic Credit

This Advanced Conflict Resolution Skills course will expand students' understanding of negotiation, contrasting difference styles of negotiation and conflict resolution, and their potential impact on both the outcomes and relationships. Instructors will also help participants understand different styles of responding to conflict and how that affects outcomes and relationships. The course will build on earlier courses in the Conflict Resolution series by integrating an understanding of negotiation into an understanding of mediation, allowing participants to gain a broader range of conflict resolution skills. Other aspects of the course include helping participants obtain insights about how to deal with difficult people, how to plan for negotiation and a negotiation process, and how to apply conflict resolution skills to a wide range of contexts.

Discover collaborative methods and techniques for consensus building, negotiation and resolving complex conflicts. Learn to find mutually agreeable solutions to challenging situations so projects and programs can move forward. Gain leadership skills to address tough conflict and negotiation settings.

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