Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

Quarter Academic Credit

Gain the tools you need to succeed in a data-oriented career. This online course is the fifth part in our Professional Concentration in Python for Data Science, Web and Core Programming and is designed for professionals looking to develop relevant software skills in general or switch to a more technical career.

Data Preparation, Modeling and Visualization with Python will teach you how to create business value by effectively importing, preparing, modeling and visualizing data using Python. You will learn how to implement various models like linear regression, logistic regression and decision trees using both supervised and unsupervised modeling techniques. This course will primarily cover the Python packages pandas and scikit-learn, which will provide a useful toolkit for professionals in machine learning, data science, data mining or web data fields.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practice cleaning and visualizing data
  • Learn how to fit predictive models using Python
  • Assess efficient ways to explore data
  • Understand how to deal with common data preparation tasks

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Data preparation and modeling
  • Experience with pandas and scikit-learn
Course Code