Cyber Sleuth Level 1: Introduction to Cyber Security & Insider Threat

Cyber security is a booming field worldwide. Our Cyber Security Immersion Program will give you a chance to test the waters and see whether this exciting field is for you. The program comprises a sequence of four courses totaling 7 weeks of online training with a short break between each course.

In this simulation-based, hands-on learning environment, you will learn critical skills while playing the role of a junior information security professional at a fictional government agency. You will work with real tools and follow procedures used by cyber security professionals to develop technical skills with the guidance of a knowledgeable mentor.

No prior knowledge of computer networks or operating systems is assumed. Successful students demonstrate intense curiosity, willingness to persist through difficult problems, attention to detail, and engagement in self-directed learning.

Cyber Security Level 1: Insider Threat

You will investigate the activities of an employee who was doing something suspicious on the Internet while at work. No prior knowledge of networking or system administration is assumed - just curiosity, basic computer literacy, and a willingness to explore a variety of data. You'll work with two tools used by cyber security professionals: NetworkMiner and Wireshark. Both will be accessed from a virtual machine in an Amazon Web Services private cloud for which each student will be given a personal account.

Learn to:

  • Conduct a cyber security investigation
  • Analyze suspicious user behavior
  • Analyze computer network traffic using the NetworkMiner and Wireshark tools
  • Conduct online technical research
  • Present/discuss reports on cyber security investigation

Level 1 will run for two weeks from 1:00-3:00PM PDT Monday through Friday, in a structured meeting-style with a course mentor, followed by about 2 hours of independent work after each class, with optional office hours from 4:00-5:00PM PDT on weekdays. Course activities and class meetings are facilitated by industry experts who partner with UC Davis.

Note: Cyber security courses are restricted to 11th and 12th grade students.

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