Politics and Policymaking

Explore the political variables and systems that shape environmental policymaking for land use, energy, infrastructure, resource conservation and climate, including legislation and regulatory action in municipal, state and federal governments. Examine the advocacy and public affairs campaigns that leverage these issues’ political variables into policy change. Balancing political science concepts with practical and applied training, students will engage in tactical simulations of advocacy campaigns in a highly interactive format.

By the end of this course, students will have experience:

  • Identifying the routes to policy change through a given political environment; and conversely identifying the chokepoints for halting adverse policy change
  • Writing a fact sheet that optimizes a legislative measure’s best chance for success; and conversely evaluating a fact sheet and other marketing material
  • Developing an outreach strategy and lobbying diverse stakeholders for passage of a legislative measure; and conversely lobbying for a legislative measure’s defeat
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