Explore the political and social variables that shape environmental policymaking for land use, energy, infrastructure, resource conservation, and climate change. Examine the practical and political challenges to place-based integral policymaking, and their effects on environmental justice, equity, and sustainability. Acquire practical advocacy, negotiation, and facilitation techniques to effectively and fairly engage stakeholders and balance interests in the policymaking process.

This course provides skills in:

  • Identifying and understanding natural points of tension between policy priorities in environmental regulation; and conversely identifying and maximizing opportunities for complementarity between policy priorities
  • Facilitating collaboration and negotiation among diverse stakeholders as an interdisciplinary and consensus-driven practice
  • Taking a place-based approach to promoting environmental justice through community outreach, establishing objective intersectional criteria, and demonstrating integrality of baseline conditions and interoperability of environmental policies and programs
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Politics and Policymaking Oct 14 Enroll Now