Python Data Structures, Data Mining, and Big Data

Quarter Academic Credit

Unlock new career opportunities by delving deeper into the world of data science. This online course is the third part in our Professional Concentration in Python for Data Science, Web and Core Programming and is designed for professionals looking to develop relevant software skills in general or switch to a technical career in data science or software engineering.

Data Structures and Data Mining with Python will introduce advanced Python programming features, with an emphasis on cloud computing, to solve large data problems. Lectures, group discussions and hands-on activities will allow you to explore how the Python built-in data structures such as lists, dictionaries and tuples can be used to perform increasingly complex data analysis while creating regression and cluster models for data mining. This course will cover topics such as ETL with command line interface, Docker, functional programming, MapReduce framework and Spark with Spark ML. You will gain practical experience with Amazon Web Services Elastic Computing, Elastic MapReduce and Google Cloud Computing

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply Python advanced language features to write efficient programs
  • Use advanced Python Data Structures for efficient handling of data
  • Access and manipulate data from SQL databases (MySQL) using Python connectors
  • Analyze data with Python PANDAS
  • Understand and implement MapReduce in Python
  • Use big data frameworks like Hadoop in Python for big data analysis and analytics
  • Use machine learning concepts in AWS EMR

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Data analysis in Python
  • Writing efficient programs
  • Using advanced tools in Python
Course Code
Title Start Date Enrollment
Data Structures, Data Mining with Python Apr 29 Enroll Now