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Custom Training: Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom training?

UC Davis Extension partners with hundreds of public agencies and private organizations to provide tailored educational programs. UC Davis Extension has developed training programs for social service employees in all 58 California counties, K-12 teachers, public and private agency managers, water resources professionals, electrical utilities, transportation agencies, sanitation districts and many others. We supply the resources, expertise and solutions to overcome your unique challenges.

What services do you offer?

UC Davis Extension provides comprehensive services to bring your program from concept to implementation, including educational needs assessment, instructional design, facilitation, program evaluation and technical assistance.

Where does the training take place?

UC Davis Extension has conveniently located classrooms in midtown Sacramento or just off I-80 in Davis. Our courses can also be hosted at or near your site and seamlessly integrated into your existing training program.

Who are the instructors?

As part of the 10-campus UC system, we have an extensive network of instructors and practitioners who bring real-world experience, expertise and insight into the classroom. We can also include your instructional team in the program.

Can we integrate our existing training program?

Yes. To ensure cohesiveness and consistency, we will work directly with your training personnel to create programs that blend our content with yours. Using the latest instructional technologies, we can also help you put your programs online.

Do you have online learning opportunities?

Our Online Learning Group, an award-winning team of instructional designers and content developers, is trained to use the latest instructional technologies and to develop engaging, multi-sensory courses that appeal to a variety of learning styles. Whether UC Davis Extension develops an online course for you or simply help put your existing training programs online, your organization receives professional, state-of-the-art expertise and advice.

Can you provide academic credit?

We can provide academic credit and continuing education credit for training programs offered by your institution, subject to certain restrictions to ensure academic and instructional quality.

How much does a custom training program cost?

The fee for each program depends on a variety of factors, including: location, the number of trainees, length of program and training materials used. The group model is a cost-effective alternative to individual classroom learning.