Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two popular continuous improvement methods—Lean and Six Sigma—that empower organizations to achieve operational excellence through proven problem-solving and continuous-improvement techniques.

Through training offered by UC Davis Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA), hundreds of UC Davis employees have already achieved their first rank in the Lean Six Sigma program, Yellow Belt. In partnership with Continuing and Professional Education and the Graduate School of Management, FOA launched the next phase of development, a pilot Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program in March 2020. Leveraging successes from the inaugural cohort, Continuing and Professional Education, along with campus sponsors, will launch a second Green Belt training opportunity in Spring 2021.

What Does the Green Belt Program Offer?

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training will provide the knowledge and tools that employees can use to encourage a culture of service excellence, continuous improvement, and empirically-based decision making as a means of improving quality, consistency, speed, and financial savings at UC Davis. As a systematic method to improve performance and reduce variation in business operations to achieve productivity and profitability gains, LSS Green Belt participants will complete a process improvement project that directly impacts UC Davis’ bottom line.

Training Benefits

Participants in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training program can expect the following outcomes:

  • Immediately apply the established Lean Six Sigma principles to a real-life project
    • Project creates an expected hard or soft cost savings for UC Davis
  • Receive guided mentorship from a Master Black Belt
  • Learn to implement Lean Six Sigma directly into the workplace
    • Address quality and waste issues such as defects, cycle time, over-processing, excess motions/transportation, wait time, variability, etc.
  • Enhance the organization’s ability to overcome challenges by applying Lean Six Sigma’s proven techniques and strategies
    • Improve customer satisfaction and enhance long-term performance
  • Receive a Green Belt Badge, recognized globally as an indicator of mastery of LSS expertise

In addition to the outcomes described above, participants will also benefit from the networking and career growth opportunities that come from training alongside their peers in the UC Davis community.