Financial Information

Program Cost

Because this program is intended for working professionals, it receives no support from the State of California and fees reflect the full costs of administering the program. The program consists of 36 units of coursework. Tuition is paid on a course-by-course basis. The tuition for a single course is $595* per unit. For more information visit the UC Davis Tuition and Fees page. It is expected that students will complete the program in no more than two years. This program is not eligible for Cal-Vet fee waivers.

Additional fees include a nonrefundable application fee of $135 (domestic applicants) or $155 (international applicants) due at the time of application. Books, supplies, lab materials and other program costs are not included in the tuition.

*All fees are subject to change.

Financial Assistance

Students enrolled in at least six units per quarter or more may be eligible for some financial aid programs. Application deadlines and requirements vary. For detailed information, contact the Financial Aid Office at (530) 752-2390 or enrolled in fewer than six (6) units per quarter are not eligible for any campus financial aid. There is limited availability of financial aid for MAS students. Because this is a self-supporting program, state-funded aid sources are not available. There are some federally-funded sources and private lender sources available through the Financial Aid Office.

Tax deductibility of educational expenses

Educational expenses—including registration fees, travel, meals and lodging-may be deductible if they maintain or improve professional skills or meet the explicit requirement of an individual's employer.

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses and to change instructors. If a course is canceled or rescheduled, you may request an official transfer to another course or a refund. Every reasonable effort will be made to notify enrollees of changes or cancellations. The University of California does not discriminate in any of its policies, procedures or practices. The university is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. Not produced at the state's expense. UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education is a self-supporting, nonprofit organization funded by course fees, grants and contracts.

For more information

If you have questions about the Master of Advanced Study in Maternal and Child Nutrition Graduate Program, contact the UC Davis Department of Nutrition at (530) 754-5364 or email