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Instructor Spotlight: John Wegis

With 14 years of experience using Python and nearly 30 years working as a software developer, John Wegis, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as the instructor of Intermediate Python, the second course in UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s five-course series Python for Data Science, Web and Core Programming Professional Concentration. Currently a backend software engineer with Grindr, Wegis believes that Python’s popularity is due to its ease of use and flexibly.

How did you become interested in Python?

I became interested in Python while working at a gaming startup. Python is an easy language to learn and can be used to build incredible things.

Why is Python Programming important?

Python is an extremely versatile, cross-platform language that has been a top-five programming language the last 10 years. Learning Python is a great tool to help you think like an engineer, solve problems, build things and learn about the world. There are great employment opportunities across many industries for people with Python experience.

What jobs are available to those with Python training?

Python is a great general-purpose language and it’s easy to learn. It is used by web developers, data analysts and scientists, and in machine learning and education.

Why do you teach?

As a software developer, I am always looking for ways to give back to my community. I believe that in order to fully understand a subject, you must teach it. I also really enjoy teaching!

Considering a career in programming?

Our courses provide a strong foundation and understanding in Python programming to help you launch a new career in data science or computer programming or enhance an existing career by building your Python skills. ​​​​​​Get started today! View courses open for enrollment.

What do you want students to take away from your Python class?

I would like students to see the problems that can be solved and the incredible things that can be built using Python.

How would a student describe your teaching style?

I like to teach by example, but I also understand that each person learns differently at their own pace and may need some individual time as well. I like to supplement with live recorded coding sessions using real-life examples. Patience and persistence are key for success!

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