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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in UC Davis Open Campus courses?

Anyone can take courses through Open Campus on a space-available basis. Students who have been regularly enrolled at UC Davis and have not earned a degree cannot enroll within 12 months of their last quarter of enrollment.

When can I take Open Campus courses?

During fall, winter and spring quarters most UC Davis courses are available through the Open Campus program on a space-available basis. During the summer, UC Davis courses are available through UC Davis Summer Sessions (separate enrollment processes, fees and deadlines apply).

Which courses can I take?

Most regular UC Davis courses are open to Open Campus enrollment on a space-available basis. Each department reserves the right to regulate admissions to its courses. Instructors of the course you plan to enroll in must first admit all regularly enrolled UC Davis students.

Can I earn academic credit through UC Davis Open Campus?

Yes. You can earn academic credit for the courses you take through the Open Campus program. Talk to your UC Davis academic advisor before enrolling if you plan to transfer credits earned through Open Campus toward a degree to ensure that your Open Campus work will be accepted.

Can I transfer the credits I earn to another university or toward a degree?

Maybe. Talk to a college advisor first to be sure your credits will be accepted.

Do I have to take my class for a grade?

No. You can opt to take Open Campus courses on a Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) basis or for noncredit. Simply submit a petition to take the class P/NP or noncredit when you enroll.

Where can I find all of the forms I’ll need for Open Campus?

All of the forms you need for Open Campus are available for download. The forms are also available from the Student Services office at UC Davis Extension.


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