The 2050 Global Food Security Challenge

The course explores how difficult it will be to feed 9+ billion people in 2050 with no new land available, less water and climate change. It reviews how we have fed the more-than-doubling of the world's population in 1960 from 3 to 6 billion in 1999, and what the challenges are to feed another 2+ billion above our current level of 7.8 billion. These additional people will live in developing countries. Can productivity growth continue to increase basic food grain yields? What impact will rising incomes have on the demand for products which require more resources to produce? Can modern molecular biology be fully deployed? What role will international trade and policy play? Can Malthus be held at bay again?

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Galileo Building

1909 Galileo Court, Davis, CA, 95616

Galileo Building

Galileo Building 1909 Galileo Court, Davis, CA, 95616

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