The Atlantic at the Pacific

This is an ongoing weekly class based on articles from The Atlantic magazine. Course leaders will select relevant and provocative material for in-depth class exploration and discussion. Subjects covered will include politics, foreign and domestic policy, energy and the environment, religion, the arts, travel, technology, economics and business—and much more. Come prepared for lively and engaging conversations about current topics. Limited enrollment.
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Galileo Building

1909 Galileo Court, Davis, CA, 95616

Galileo Building

Galileo Building 1909 Galileo Court, Davis, CA, 95616

Enrollment Policies

There will be no service charge for withdrawal requests prior to the beginning of the fall quarter. As of January 3, 2020 all withdrawal requests are subject to a $20 processing fee, or the member may request a credit to their student account to be used before the end of the academic year. All fees being held at the conclusion of the academic year will be forfeited.

OLLI EXCURSION COURSE FEES are no longer refundable once you have enrolled, unless your vacancy can be filled by someone on the wait list. A $20 service fee will apply.