Conversational Intelligence: Strategies for Effective Conversations

Words Create Worlds

Improving the quality of conversations impacts every dimension of relationships and organizations. Conversational Intelligence™ is the learnable ability, to connect, navigate and grow with others – a necessity in building healthier and more resilient organizations in the face of change. It extends the impact of emotional intelligence and uses the latest discoveries in neuroscience to achieve profound transformational results. This 3 day workshop will open up a new lens for understanding and redefining what conversations are and how to use specific skills and tools for achieving optimal outcomes for many types of conversations.

Day 1 is all about you. You will learn and practice essential skills and apply them to your individual talking habits in order to make conversations easier to have do what you want them to do. Along with receiving a personal report about your conversation patterns, you will be able to identify characteristics that build trust, determine what types of conversations best fit situations, and develop strategies for new approaches to conversations with managers, peers, and direct reports.

Day 2 is a treasure chest of tools. How often do you hear about a technique or tool that fits exactly what you need for an upcoming conversation? You will receive and practice, six to eight tools that are customized to each group of learners. The tools chosen can be directly applied to your most urgent needs. Performance? Strategy? Processes? Succession Management? Conflict Resolution? Collaboration? Your group will decide.

Day 3 is about how to become the architect of your conversations. Effective, efficient, and productive conversations require advance planning followed by thoughtful execution. You will learn a seven step process that helps you prepare for conversations and that gives you clear direction as they unfold. Using your own expected future conversations, you will do advance planning that will transform and revolutionize your communication.

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One Capitol Mall

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One Capitol Mall

One Capitol Mall 1 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA, 95814