The Fantastical History of the Swastika

Around 13,000 years ago, a human carved a distinctive design onto a stone. It became the oldest known swastika ever found, and for centuries it was held in various degrees of symbolism and esteem on several continents and countless cultures. The ancient Druids, Celts, Teutonic Knights and Nordic tribes used the design in their artifacts as well. The swastika (from Sanskrit, meaning well-being) has been a symbol of peace and joy in India for thousands of years. Prior to 1920, it was a popular design in the West for soft drinks and sports teams’ uniforms. More than a few native American tribes had the swastika woven in their blankets, baskets, and painted on pottery. This class will explore the fantastical history and journey taken by this benign and organic design and its ignoble end in Germany.

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Galileo Building

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Galileo Building

Galileo Building 1909 Galileo Court, Davis, CA, 95616

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