Fundamentals of Front-End Web Development


Building and maintaining an effective, user-friendly online presence can be critical to a business’ success. Front-end web development creates a website's graphical user interface using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, enabling users to effortlessly navigate and interact with the website. This interactive, online course is designed for aspiring and current web developers, tech savvy hobbyists and marketing professionals who want to grow their expertise in web development and online product development. Through online instruction, applied learning activities and project-based assessments, you’ll explore the basics of using front-end programming languages—with a particular emphasis on HTML and CSS—to create a dynamic user interface. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Utilize documentation and demonstrate practical trends and practices for HTML and CSS 
  • Create artifacts that represent user experiences at various stages of the development of digital products 
  • Apply standard research methods to improve user experience and eliminate pain points when using digital products 
  • Employ UX/UI principles and best practices in building web interfaces in HTML and CSS 
  • Learn how to format and optimize media for the web 

Skills You'll Gain 

  • Interface design principles 
  • Practice and confidence using basic HTML and CSS 
  • Skills to create, run and evaluate the results of usability tests 
  • Professional tools to manage projects and code 
Academic Units
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Instruction Method
Online class