Intermediate Front-End Web Development


Build upon the basics of front-end development by expanding your programming skill set. We’ll dive into JavaScript and its most practical applications within web development frameworks. As with Fundamentals of Front-End Development, this course is ideal for aspiring and current web developers, tech savvy hobbyists and marketing professionals who want to grow their expertise in web development and online product development. Learning methods will include a combination of online instruction, project-based activities and objective assessments, culminating in a demonstration of your skills by creating an industry-standard, functional mobile application. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Access documentation and follow trends and best practices for JavaScript 
  • Use modern, industry standard approaches to create application logic with JavaScript 
  • Create functional common web interface elements using unobstructive JavaScript 
  • Explore and use modern JavaScript frameworks for building web applications and websites  
  • Use package managers and industry tooling to manage program dependencies and work collaboratively 
  • Evaluate and refactor scripts for efficiency, maintainability and expressiveness 
  • Use JavaScript to manipulate the DOM and capture events  
  • Write unobstructive JavaScript, following industry standards and best practices  
  • Create Scripts that utilize the basics of structured programming principles 
  • Validate and manipulate simple data using JavaScript  
  • Develop script that manipulate sophisticated sets of data  
  • Access and consume external data provided through APIs within web application programming logic  

Skills You'll Gain 

  • Responsive and adaptive web interfaces 
  • Animations with CSS and JavaScript 
  • JavaScript and JQuery for data manipulation scripting 
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