Server-Side Scripting with PHP


Transform basic websites into interactive experiences using PHP, the most commonly used server-side scripting language.  Server-side scripting languages allow you to create dynamic interactions that are driven by programming logic, data from databases and server files, or content based on user input. Explore dynamic graphics using PHP, as well as the world of syndication and web services.  You’ll also learn how to create secure applications that can handle unexpected user entries. 

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Online class

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This online course begins on April 5 and ends on June 18, 2021. Enrollments will be accepted until April 12, 2021. All work must be completed per the dates provided by the course syllabus, which will be received the first day of the course.

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Creating Functional Websites, or similar coursework. Students should have a solid understanding of web concepts, including: XHTML, CSS; experience building web pages and working with files and file systems; FTP and basic web server experience. Understanding of basic programming logic is suggested.

Technical Requirements

To ensure your success in this online course, please review our technical requirements page.

Section Course Materials

Head First PHP & MySQL

You may order this book from the UC Davis Bookstore or any retail or online vendor that you choose.