Sofi Bettaglio

"I chose to take the UC Davis Fire Department EMT Program because I was encouraged to get my EMT license to acquire PA school clinical hours and conveniently found out that there was a program being held on campus. I believe that this program is set apart from others because every instructor is truly interested in catering to the students needs and wants to see them succeed. This high quality of the staff fosters a constructive and supportive environment. While taking this course, I felt that I was given more than enough opportunity to succeed, including being offered office hours to practice skills during non-class time. Since taking this class, I have been hired as an EMT. My overall experience with this program and department has been incredible."

Shai Wallace

"I decided to do the UCDFD EMT program because I wanted to get my EMT license so that I could begin getting hands-on patient care experience. Not only has the program given me the opportunity to get my license, but also prepared me to gain more experience in the PMED 106 course, and gave me the tools needed to secure a job in the EMS field. Throughout the program, I felt that my success and understanding was the top priority of the instructors. More importantly, I felt like my classmates, instructors and I became a supportive family. Graduating from the program, I felt prepared and competent in all of my EMT skills."

Meena Espinoza

Prior to taking the program, I knew I wanted to go into the medical field, but was unsure what path to follow. Once I started the EMT program at UC Davis, I developed a deeper understanding of basic life support and a love of emergency medicine. Since the program at UC Davis, I have found employment and I get to volunteer to give back to the community that taught me so much and allowed me to grow. The class I once took really pushed me to my limits. Overall, I have had the experience to expand upon my personal and professional skills because of the program."

Christopher Oca

"Working on the production end of a performing arts center, health and safety is the number one priority. I entered the program with an emphasis on emergency response in a large public gathering environment. During the class, there was a strong sense of teamwork among all my classmates and we all encouraged each other to succeed. Since completing the program, I have been able to use my skills to quickly assess patients and pass off vital information to first responders, not only at UC Davis but at other large events as well. Though I'm not actively employed in the EMS field, I continue to maintain the skills I learned through the UCDFD EMT Program and remain in contact will all my former instructors and peers."

Nejma Wais

"I first heard about the UCDFD EMT program through a friend of mine who took it in the past. She told me about how amazing an experience the class was and how rewarding it was. I took her advice and signed up for the EMT program, and I loved it. It was rigorous and challenging, but it pushed me to do my best. I learned so much and constantly wanted to do better because of the motivating instructors and TAs. I really admired the professionalism that the program and its instructors and volunteers had, and it inspired me to become an EMT of the same caliber. I admire the dedication, innovation, service, respect and integrity of UCDFD and its staff, and I am honored to have taken the program here. The EMT program prepared me to be the best EMT I can be."

Rachael Ramirez

"This program was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. This class helped me succeed and gain more knowledge in EMS by helping me acquire a job as an EMT. I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It expanded my knowledge and opened my eyes to the EMS world. This program is far superior to others because of the amazing instructors that teach us, and the opportunities that arise outside of this class. I plan to apply to an ambulance company as my next step and I feel as though this class has prepared me for that."

Avery Asera

"UCDFD's EMT program stands out because it encourages lifelong learning, and is supported by instructors who value this above all else. I thrived thanks to instructors with real-world experience who work in the field and brought textbook theory to life. On-duty crews even provided their time and wisdom to help us develop our skills and assessment techniques, drawing from medical calls they had experienced firsthand. I loved the fact that this program revolves around its people (instructors, student employees, on-duty crews, etc.) since their passion and dedication to EMS was contagious. It inspired me to assist with future EMT classes, and obtain a job as an EMT directly after graduating."