Advanced Wort Production: Milling, Mashing & Lautering

Designed for professional brewers and advanced homebrewers who are looking to sharpen their skills in the brewhouse, this course will dig deep into the science and engineering of wort production. Andy Hooper, Brewmaster at Seismic Brewing Company will be your guide as you explore everything from the fundamentals to advanced techniques of wort production, including malt handling, milling, mashing and lautering. Along the way, he will tap into his professional experience to share practical tips and techniques to improve wort quality. By the end of this course, you will possess a deeper understanding of wort production from a scientific perspective and learn how to apply these concepts to improve your brewing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply a fundamental knowledge of chemical and physical reactions that occur during wort production
  • Practice calculations for beer mash (temperature, water to grist ratios, pH adjustment)
  • Explore technology used in large-scale brewing and draw parallels to home brewing
  • Utilize “pro tips” for improving quality in wort production

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Wort production techniques (malt handling, milling, mashing and lautering)
  • Quality control of wort
  • Making world-class beer
Course Code