Paying for your education can be a challenge as a continuing education student. The UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education Student Services office can work with you to identify available financial assistance options. Contact us at (800) 752-752-0881 or (530) 757-8777,

Students in courses and programs offered through Continuing and Professional Education may be eligible for a tax credit for educational expense, job training funds, alternative student loans (which do not require enrollment in a degree program), or other financial assistance. At this time Continuing and Professional Education students are not eligible for financial aid based on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), sometimes referred to as Title IV funds, which have requirements Continuing and Professional Education programs do not meet.

Here are several options for reducing or managing the financial impact of furthering your education through Continuing and Professional Education.

Student Loans

Students enrolled or planning to enroll in a program or series of courses at Continuing and Professional Education can apply for a private alternative student loan, available to students not enrolled in a degree program. Continuing and Professional Education has arranged with the lenders listed below to offer competitive loans to students in continuing education programs. Once approved through the online or phone application process, a student loan check is disbursed to Continuing and Professional Education, payable to the student, usually timed to arrive when needed to pay course fees, though it can take four weeks after applying to receive the first loan check. It is recommended that you begin the loan application process early, as Continuing and Professional Education does not enroll students in courses until payment is received, and applying for a loan does not reserve a space in the course.

Continuing and Professional Education does not endorse any financial institution. The following information is provided for your consideration. In addition to the lenders listed here, you may want to contact your current bank or other lending institution to ask if they have a student or continuing education loan. Carefully review the terms and conditions; the loan is from the lending institution and not from Continuing and Professional Education. The loan amount requested can include course and textbook costs as well as living expenses that are appropriate to the cost of attendance. Once the loan is approved by the lender, Continuing and Professional Education will contact the student to confirm enrollment status and when loan funds are needed. Students will be notified when the loan check is available.

Student Loan Preferred Lender List

To assist students in reviewing student loan options the Continuing and Professional Education Loan Preferred Lender List provides additional information about each lender. Students should consider all educational funding options prior to securing a private alternative loan. Continuing and Professional Education will work with any student loan lender, however, established relationships with the preferred lenders may allow more expeditious loan certification and check distribution. At Continuing and Professional Education, we follow The University of California Code of Conduct in Regard to Preferred Lender Arrangements in order to avoid any conflict of interest in managing student loans. To assist in navigating the student loan lender website please review the information below.

Student Loan Providers

Wells Fargo Collegiate® Loan: To apply or learn more about this private alternative loan, visit the Wells Fargo website. When applying, find the school listed as “University of California- Davis Continuing and Professional Education (school code = 00131375).  For more information, contact a Wells Fargo Student Loan Consultant at (800) 378-5526.

Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan: To learn more about this loan, visit the Sallie Mae website. When applying, find the school listed as "University of California - Davis Continuing and Professional Education. (school code = 00131375)" For more information, contact Sallie Mae customer service at (800) 695-3317.

Student Loan Deferment

Students enrolled in courses at Continuing and Professional Education who have prior federal student loans are not eligible for loan deferments, since one requirement of federal loan deferments is "Student is enrolled in a program leading to a degree or certificate at an eligible institution (i.e., one that is eligible for federal loans)." Programs at Continuing and Professional Education are not eligible for federal loans. The Continuing and Professional Education Student Services office can verify enrollment; however, we cannot complete the school section of forms related to loan deferment of FFELP (Federal Family Education Loan Program), Federal Direct (William D. Ford Federal Direct), Stafford, Perkins, and PLUS loans. Check with your lender, as some may defer a portion of principal and/or interest on private alternative loans while enrolled in a continuing education program through Continuing and Professional Education.

Enrollment Verification

Continuing and Professional Education Student Services can verify enrollment for students, either by letter or by completing a form provided by the institution or organization requesting the verification. However, Student Services cannot complete Federal Loan Deferment forms, as Continuing and Professional Education programs are not eligible for federal loans, a requirement for federal loan deferment.

To request an enrollment verification, complete the form provided by the institution and sign indicating you authorize releasing your enrollment information, or provide a letter requesting enrollment verification that authorizes releasing your enrollment information and is signed and dated. Enrollment verification information generally includes student name, enrollment period (dates of attendance), and enrollment status (full-time, at least half-time, less than half-time).

Job Training Funds

You may be eligible for federal, state or local job training funds—contact your local California Employment Development Department office or America’s Job Center (check online) to see if you qualify. Many Continuing and Professional Education students are able to complete a certificate program with tuition and textbooks paid by a job training fund related to job displacement, unemployment or retraining, such as the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the Trade Adjustment Act. Plan ahead as it may take two to three weeks to confirm eligibility for job training funds, and payment or funding must accompany your request to enroll in Continuing and Professional Education courses.

Veterans Education Benefits

Veterans of the U.S. military who have available educational benefits can enroll in Continuing and Professional Education certificate programs and obtain reimbursement from the Veterans Administration. Continuing and Professional Education has approval under the Veterans Educational Benefits program to allow veterans, their dependents and others who qualify for Veterans Educational Benefits to further their education via one of our certificate programs. VA funding is dependent on satisfactory academic progress. For more information click here.

Tax Credits for Educational Expenses

Through one of the several education tax credits you may be able to reduce your federal income tax, or receive a tax refund, based on the cost of your educational expenses or the interest paid on student loans. To learn more about the personal tax benefits for educational expenses visit and search for "Tax Benefits for Education: Information Center" or use this link to the Internal Revenue Service website. You should consult the IRS or a tax consultant to verify the tax benefit appropriate to your situation.

Reporting Educational Expenses (Form 1098-T)

Each January, Continuing and Professional Education reports educational expenses (tuition and textbook fees) paid in the prior year for students participating in academic or vocational programs costing more than $1,000 in a calendar year. A student's Social Security Number (SSN) is the key to this reporting. To ensure that accurate and complete information is provided to the IRS, Continuing and Professional Education requests that students provide a SSN at the time of enrollment.

By January 31, students should receive a summary report on prior year educational expenses known as Form 1098-T. You may be able to go online to access and print your 1098T. Go to, login and print your 1098-T. To log in, enter the Site ID: 11556, User Name: Student ID that starts with X, Password: Last 4 digits of your SSN. If you have not provided your SSN to UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education, the temporary password will be 0000. Submitting this temporary password in the login screen will initiate a password reset process with your email address on file. For security reasons, you will then be prompted to change your password. Enter your old password (last four digits of your SSN) and then enter a new password. The new password must be 7 characters and contain at least one numeric character, one upper case letter and one special character.

Once you log in to the website, you can access and print your 1098-T form by selecting “View/Print My 1098-T’ from the menu on the left side of your screen. If the data on the 1098-T does not agree with your personal records, or you do not receive a 1098-T, contact the Student Services office at (800) 752-0881 to request a review of your student expense data. Please direct questions about your tax credit eligibility or filing options to the IRS or your tax advisor.

Taxpayer advice by phone or online:

Contact the Internal Revenue Service at (800) 829-1040 Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-10 p.m. or online at

AmeriCorps Education Award

Continuing and Professional Education participates in the AmeriCorps Education Award program that allows volunteers in the various AmeriCorps programs (such as AmeriCorps VISTA and AmeriCorps NCCC) to pay educational expenses with a voucher. Contact Continuing and Professional Education at (800) 752-0881 prior to paying course fees to confirm how your AmeriCorps Education Award can be applied. For more information about AmeriCorps Education Awards, visit