Brewing Microbiology Workshop

At the heart of every good brewery is a robust quality assurance and control program. This course provides both the background theory and hands-on microbiology laboratory experience necessary to produce beer of the highest quality. In this course designed for brewers, brewing lab employees, brewery owners and anybody interested in the microbiology of brewing, you’ll learn about a variety of topics, including microscopy, assessing yeast health and viability and detection/prevention of spoilage organisms. You will learn how to use the most common microbiological tools properly and safely, and gain the necessary skills to establish a sampling and testing program to ensure continued production of high-quality beer.

This three-day course will include a day of classroom instruction, followed by two days in the laboratory consisting of demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

Please note that previous laboratory experience is NOT required to take this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply a fundamental understanding of brewing-relevant microorganisms
  • Identify and prevent spoilage organisms
  • Establish and maintain a sampling and testing plan that fits your needs

Skills You Will Gain

  • Aseptic sample collection and transfers
  • Light microscopy: alignment, focusing, microscope care
  • Yeast counting and viability tests
  • Selective and Differential Media preparation and inoculation
  • Unknown microbe identification
Course Code