Guidance for Students

Requesting Credit

Paper-Based Enrollment:

The process begins when you submit your completed enrollment form and fee payment at the conclusion of the course. Because the process varies somewhat for each Training Provider, please refer to the enrollment form for further instructions about deadlines for requesting credit and the contact person to whom the form and payment must be submitted. Deadlines may vary from the last day of class up to 3 months. The contact collecting the forms and payments may be the Training Provider or UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.

Online Enrollment:

At course completion, visit UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education's list of partner courses. Carefully choose the title of the course you completed, and enroll/submit payment online. You may also enroll by calling (800) 752-0881.

Note: Your completed enrollment form (either paper or online) is our only mechanism to identify the course you completed and the credit options available to you. All requests are subject to verification by the Training Provider that offered the course prior to processing of credit.

Receiving Confirmation of Credit

If the course was offered for CEUs, the Training Provider is asked to verify that you attended all required contact hours. (Generally, providers use some form of sign-in/sign-out process for this purpose.) Once your full participation is verified, our Student Services office will send you a grade report. Please note that grades for CEUs are categorized as NC (noncredit), signifying that the units earned are not academic credit. This is because CEUs are a "seat-time" measure and not a demonstration of competency. The report also indicates the number of credit-hours of instruction earned. This process may take 2-3 weeks.

If the course was offered for academic credit (i.e., letter grade or pass/no pass), the instructor is asked to assign a final grade for your participation. Generally, instructors assign grades shortly after the conclusion of the course or on a monthly basis if it is a recurring course. Once grades are received, our Student Services office sends you a final grade report. This process may take 3-4 weeks.

Requesting Transcripts

Transcripts are optional, as not every student needs this level of documentation. All students receive a grade report at the conclusion of a credit-bearing course (equivalent to a report card), and this often suffices for employment and advancement purposes. However, should your organization require an official transcript, these are available on request for a nominal fee at any time following the processing of your credit. (Note: The credit enrollment form distributed in class included an option to request an official transcript concurrently with your credit request. If you did not request a transcript at that time and wish to do so later, please download a transcript order form and mail to UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. Should you have any questions regarding this form, you may contact our Student Services Office at (800) 752-0881.