Chemistry Requirement

One semester of university/college-level chemistry is required as a prerequisite for acceptance into the Winemaking Certificate Program. UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education offers an online course, Basic Chemistry for Winemakers, which fulfills the certificate program chemistry requirement. If you complete your chemistry requirement at another institution, we recommend an introductory chemistry class for science or allied health science majors that covers such topics as:

  • Scientific measurement and conversions
  • Atomic and molecular structure
  • Chemical reactions
  • Chemical bonding
  • Thermodynamics
  • Gas laws
  • Solutions
  • Acid and base chemistry

For those who desire a more solid foundation or may be looking to make a career as a professional winemaker, a two-semester sequence of introductory chemistry for science majors is recommended.

If you would like to test your knowledge, see examples of basic college chemistry questions and questions used in course threeQuality Control.