Quarter Academic Credit

Students will learn how construction plans are organized under the Uniform Drawing System, how to understand plans and specifications set forth by the architect/designer, and how to apply this knowledge to the construction process from the conceptual drawings through final construction. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Develop ability to read complex construction plans and design specifications.
  • Know how to analyze complex plans, identify specifications and scope of use, and organize construction assembly details.
  • Understand how construction plans are organized under the Uniform Drawing System, with emphasis on showing the eight Specification Modules set forth by the Construction Specifications Institute.
  • Use the Application of Specification Divisions (AIA) for plan organization and reading, field utilization and project management applications.
  • Demonstrate building code compliance by accessing information from plans and specifications.
  • Know “The Alphabet of Lines” and its application to plans and drawings, plans symbols and abbreviations.
  • Ability to develop accurate construction cost estimates through plan reading and understanding of construction materials types and uses.
  • Understanding of how to integrate plan reading, specifications and assemblies by various shareholders and agencies.
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Construction Plan Reading & Specifications Jan 5 Enroll Now