Descriptive Analysis of White and Red Table Wines

Smell—not taste—is the human sense that detects the overall flavor in wine. Our sense of smell is the most acute and powerful tool we use to record our sensory impressions of wine. By training your sense of smell and your brain, you can leap from vague hedonic impressions of wine to more intellectual, analytical responses. Through practice with white and red wine reference standards, you can quickly learn the descriptive language of wine and enable your brain to accumulate, store and recall valuable sensory memories.

Scheduled by popular demand, this intermediate-level class is offered to give students who have taken the introductory class a chance to further expand their wine vocabulary and wine tasting abilities. Numerous prepared odor standards and blind tastings of commercial wines will be presented to train you how to describe a wide range of white and red wine types. It is highly recommended you attend Introduction to Sensory Evaluation of Wine or have equivalent experience before enrolling in this course.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to enroll and attend.

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