Equine Nutrition: Eating Like a Horse

Equine are often known for overeating and many times, as their caretakers, we overfeed them. In this online course, you’ll explore how to properly manage equine nutrition by improving your understanding of the digestive system and the essential nutrients these animals require. You’ll explore various foodstuffs and diverse management programs that can prevent certain conditions associated with some feeding practices, like obesity and laminitis, and discuss strategies to feed and maintain equine at healthy weights.

Designed for equine owners or those interested in acquiring equine, as well as those affiliated with businesses that care for horses, such as boarding facilities, this course will provide an overall improved understanding of equine nutrition.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased understanding of equine nutritional needs
  • Feeding strategies to prevent or manage nutritional based diseases.


  • Equine nutrition management
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Equine Nutrition: Eating Like a Horse Feb 19 Enroll Now