CPE Launches First Healthcare Specialization on Coursera

Coursera is making a big bet on serving the healthcare education space at scale.

UC Davis is part of this exciting new initiative, with a four-course MOOC specialization, Health Information Literacy for Data Analytics. The program is a partnership between CPE and healthcare data scientists at UC Davis Health.

“The courses in the specialization fill an essential need for data and technology professionals interested in a career in healthcare,” according to Misty Avila, Health Sciences program manager at CPE. “They offer a rare opportunity for students to understand what to expect and how to approach the challenges unique to the healthcare data landscape.”

“In the modern healthcare industry, there is an ever-increasing desire to use data to improve patient outcomes,” Avila said. But she also cautioned that there remains a steep learning curve in grasping the complexity of healthcare data. “With the knowledge and experience of the UC Davis healthcare data scientists, we are able to help bridge this gap and prepare professionals for a career in healthcare data.”

Courses in the specialization include Healthcare Data Literacy, Healthcare Data Models, Healthcare Data Quality and Governance, and Analytical Solutions to Common Healthcare Problems. Learn more about the specialization at Coursera.org.

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