Construction Management Certificate Instructor Hitesh Dewan

Instructor Spotlight: Hitesh Dewan

Hitesh Dewan is an experienced construction and technology operations manager, with over 10 years in the construction industry. Hitesh has built a reputation for developing and implementing company-wide initiatives that help departments improve their process flow and potential. With a demonstrated history of working across a variety of market sectors in the construction industry, Hitesh is often invited to be a guest speaker or lecturer for various industry organizations and technology panels, including DBIA, CFMA, SRBX and more. He is currently the Technology Integration Director for Roebbelen Contracting, Inc.

How long have you been working in the industry?

I’ve been in the construction industry just crossing over a decade. My background is in architecture, and I was getting some experience at the federal and state government levels. I moved to construction to pursue my desire to actually build the things I was seeing in architecture that I really enjoyed.

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How do you approach teaching a course?

In my class, students can expect to learn a lot about current activities happening in the construction industry. I like to teach a class that is very discussion-based, and uses current news and technology to consider how we’re approaching construction, both now and in the future. I want to make sure that everyone is bringing something to the table—situations they’ve encountered on a job site or scenarios that they’ve heard of from others—and isn’t afraid to ask questions. I then tie this back to the fundamentals in the curriculum to ensure that everyone understands the principle basis of how construction is run in the field and from varying perspectives.

How has the industry changed since you first got into it?

From when I began my career in construction, the industry has changed quite a bit. I’d say the biggest change has been the acceptance of technology. We know that technology has proliferated big time, and not just in construction. But for our industry it’s really big to see that we’re now embracing the “app culture” and the tools and technology that we can now carry with us out into the field and then use that to build back in the office.

How do you help students stay current with changes and advances in the construction industry?

I look to make my course relevant to the industry by making sure students bring discussion topics from current-day construction situations. We use topics from current news and events, especially emerging technology, and discuss the ways in which these changes are affecting the fundamentals of construction. I try to focus on how we can leverage technology to make construction better, faster, less expensive and safer.

The Construction Management Program at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education, as a whole, is really geared towards ensuring students are hearing from working professionals in the industry. They’re sharing their current knowledge and experiences with students, bringing the newest technology and newest advances in methodology to the table.

What do you enjoy most about teaching construction management?

Every day is different. There is always a new issue or problem that is popping up in the industry that really does need to be discussed. By being a part of this program, I have the ability to share my knowledge and pull from the knowledge of others. Sharing my experiences and having the students learn how to tackle new issues on the spot gives me a lot of joy, and I’m happy that the program is fostering the next generation of problem solvers for the construction industry.

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