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Meet Enrollment Coach Katie Orton

Being a facilitator for students as they strive to enhance their careers is what Katie Orton is most looking forward to about her role as an enrollment coach. “Sometimes you have a vision in your head of where you want to go and you need someone who can point you in the right direction, get you the information you need concisely, and encourage you to bet on yourself and your education,” said Katie. “I’m looking forward to being that person.”  

Katie joins UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s (CPE) Enrollment Services team as the coach for CPE’s Professional CoachingLeadershipHuman Resource Management, Technology and Information Management and Pre-College Discovery programs. With a mom in higher education, Katie grew up using the University of the Pacific campus as her personal playground. “I loved the environment of higher education so much and knew I wanted to play a role in student enrollment.” Katie has administrative experience in continuing education and worked as an admissions counselor for prospective college freshman, helping high school seniors and their parents identify programs of interest, connect with academic and career resources, and enroll in classes.  

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Katie’s main goal as an enrollment coach at CPE will be to serve as a knowledgeable resource for prospective students and to ensure a positive enrollment experience. When it comes to making an enrollment decision, the most common issues she sees students struggling with are cost, time commitment and the transition back into the classroom. “With my in-depth knowledge of the programs, I will be able to help students see how these courses can fit into their busy schedules, find financial resources available to them and learn how our courses will directly benefit their ambitions in the long term.”  

If you’re considering one of our HRLeadership, IT, Coaching or Pre-College programs and would like more information and resources on enrolling, or if you simply want someone to bounce ideas off of to help determine the best courses to meet your goals, schedule a consultation with Katie.

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