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Why Choose UC Davis for Your Python Training?

If you’re considering a career that uses Python or looking to build upon your existing knowledge in data science, finding the best Python courses and training is important. UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s (CPE) Python for Data Science, Web and Core Programming Professional Concentration is an investment in professional development that can propel your career forward. It provides the foundational education you need to succeed, from a name you can trust. So why choose UC Davis CPE?

You’ll learn from the best

Our Python program is approved by UC Davis, a top-tier university, ensuring a high-quality academic curriculum. Our courses are taught by a strong team of data scientists from a variety of industries—including engineering, health care, IT, business and startups—so you’ll be gaining from their expertise and experience.

You’ll stand out to employers

Our program is designed to help you do more than just learn how to use Python. It’s designed to set you up with in-demand Python skills to compete for any Python job across industries. You’ll receive hands-on experience with practical application and the foundational knowledge to progress from beginner to advanced programmer. Upon completion of the program, you’ll also earn a digital badge to share on LinkedIn and your résumé, demonstrating your mastery of the subject area and immediately setting you apart.

Dedicated, passionate instructors are here to help you—not only giving you the foundation to go from beginner to advanced, but the ability to compete for any position that’s within Python in any industry.” Todd Rutherford, Python Program instructor

You’ll get one-on-one support

One of the most valuable aspects of our program is the support you receive from instructors. Our instructors are passionate teachers who are dedicated to helping you succeed. Through interactive sessions, responsive communications and live coffee chats, you’re able to connect one-on-one with your instructors, ensuring you get the most out of their class.

Ready to get started?

Schedule an appointment with Enrollment Coach Katie Orton. She can speak with you about the program, answer your questions and get you enrolled.

You’ll build an exceptional network

Along with the connections you make with your instructors, you’ll also benefit from relationships with your fellow classmates. Each cohort brings together a diverse group of individuals and professionals from across the region, throughout the state and beyond, enriching the conversation, sharing advice, broadening your perspective and expanding your professional network.

You’ll learn on your own schedule

With our program, you can learn Python online, conveniently and without interruption to your personal and professional responsibilities. Plus, you can complete the program in as little as nine months, walking away with 9.5 units of academic credit and a digital badge under your belt.

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