full moon in the sky
Earth and Moon. Courtesy of Ganapathy Kumar via Unsplash

Take a Trip to the Moon with OLLI – Oct. 22!

Join us for our Upcoming Course: Making the Earth and the Moon

We're taking you all the way to the moon this week on Thursday, October 22, 2020!  The Earth and Moon are like identical twins, made up of the exact same materials -- which is really strange, since no other celestial bodies we know of share this kind of chemical relationship. What's responsible for this special connection?

Join us with Dr. Sarah T. Stewart from the UC Davis Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences for an enlightening look at the relationship of the Earth and the Moon that you’ve likely never heard before. Learn about the work done in her research lab where planets are ‘virtually’ smashed together in simulations to unlock the secrets behind the origin of new celestial bodies, and so much more.

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