Professional Certificates

Expand Your Reach and Impact with UC Davis Professional Certificates

CPE welcomes the opportunity to partner with faculty across the campus to explore market-responsive Professional Certificate program opportunities that address workforce needs in our region and beyond. Designed for non-matriculated working professionals, these types of certificates extend the reach and impact of your department, School or College while providing discretionary revenues to support your mission.

Professional certificate programs offer a series of credit-bearing courses (X400 series) providing in-depth study in an applied area of professional practice. Certificate programs prepare motivated adult learners to meet state-mandated requirements for continuing education, prepare for accreditation exams, or to add specialized education and skills for career advancement. Certificate programs can also be designed with faculty to prepare students academically for graduate study through prerequisite coursework or an entry “stackable” pipeline with some credit articulation.

UC Extension-type Professional Certificates are guided by a range of policies at the systemwide and local level, as well as a set of statewide guidelines developed and maintained by the UC Extension Council of Deans to ensure consistency in quality and branding standards for UC Certificates. All programs offered by CPE are reviewed and approved by the Senate Public Service Committee, with individual courses reviewed and approved by the Dean of CPE and the corresponding School/College Dean (or designee).

Significant Benefits for Your Department and Faculty

  • Reach a new audience of motivated, adult learners who bring rich experiences to the classroom
  • Innovative, flexible partnership models provide new revenue to fund college or departmental priorities
  • Create a sustainable pipeline of highly qualified graduate degree applicants
  • Customized, nimble format gives faculty the opportunity to test new ideas and technology
  • Opportunities for faculty to earn additional income
  • Many employers are willing to pay for professional certificates as a way of investing in their staff
  • Support UC Davis’ outreach and community service mission
  • Certificate content can be repurposed to support MOOCs and other opportunities

Collaborating with UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education

For more than 60 years CPE has helped its campus partners develop career-based programs that connect adult learners to UC Davis, drive the regional economy, and generate significant, unrestricted revenue.

As a collaborative partner, CPE provides you with:

  • Expertise in reaching and teaching adult learners
  • Decades of experience guiding faculty through the development process
  • Turn-key administrative services and established infrastructure
  • Comprehensive online educational design and production capabilities
  • Nimble governance structure that provides speed and agility

Professional Certificate Criteria

A UC Extension-type Certificate Program is a series of credit-bearing courses (X400 series) providing in-depth study so students learn the most up-to-date skills and academic foundation to excel in their chosen field. Certificates provide a minimum of 12 units (120 hours) academic credit with a maximum of 12 units eligible for degree-articulation through the credit transfer process. Credit transfer is subject to the approval of the department chair.  

Partner with Us!

CPE is built on partnership — collaborating with schools and colleges across campus to connect their research, knowledge and resources to working professionals and other “non-traditional” learners. You have the subject-area expertise. We have the experience and infrastructure to reach students you don’t currently serve. By working together, we have a unique, innovative opportunity to advance the larger campus mission.

For more information on custom Professional Certificate Programs, contact:

Academic Questions

Jennifer Schwedler, Ed.D.
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Online Education

Business Questions

Sean Lynch, MBA
Assistant Dean and Chief Business Officer