Management Development Program


Designed to engage managers at all levels, this program introduces evidence-based research, models and frameworks that focus on leadership, team development and business success. New and seasoned managers will increase their ability to communicate, foster a climate of inclusion and produce high-value results for their organizations. 

Through live, online instruction and interactive discussions, this program is comprised of the following 6 half-day sessions: 

Leading with Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional intelligence is the ability to consciously align behaviors to a desired outcome. Behaviors are influenced by emotions, and emotions are influenced by a variety of things like personal needs, values, past experience and instinct. In this session, we’ll examine and understand the key skills that make up emotional intelligence and then identify specific tools and strategies to improve our own emotional intelligence in the workplace. 

Implicit Bias

Implicit bias is the subconscious form of group-based bias seen as an attitude or stereotype held about specific social groups below our conscious level awareness. We all have implicit bias; it is everywhere and affects us all. In this session we will explore the concept of implicit bias and how we, as leaders, can implement practices that will reduce the likelihood that biased beliefs will turn into biased behavior. 

Exploring Personality using the DiSC 

The DiSC Assessment provides a language for us to contextualize and discuss our own behaviors and those of our colleagues. With the assessment, we can move away from thinking there is a "wrong" or "right" way of doing things toward embracing more natural behaviors and work styles that better fit one's personality type. We will then engage in activities highlighting the different personality styles, ultimately understanding ourselves and our colleagues at a higher level. 

Conversations with Intent 

No matter how competent we are, we all have conversations that cause anxiety and frustration. In difficult conversations the opinions of the involved parties are varied, and emotions have a potential for running strong. This session will offer a step-by-step approach to having tough conversations with less stress and more success. 

Team Motivation  

This session will examine what makes a motivated workplace and how that differs from individual to individual and group to group. Including a section on the work of Daniel Pink, we’ll examine surprising findings about extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, leading to applicable techniques a leader can use to increase levels of motivation in the work setting. 

Change Agent  

Now more than ever, the ability to embrace change is one of the most important skills needed to succeed in the workplace. This highly interactive session will include robust discussions and opportunities to apply learning to change scenarios, both personal and professional. You will gain an understanding about how to help yourself and your team deal with change more effectively. 

Skills You’ll Gain  

  • Use communication approaches grounded in coaching principles to foster professional growth 
  • Promote team development in rapidly evolving circumstances 
  • Demonstrate effective leadership and management strategies in contemporary work situations 
  • Practice strategies on how to capably engage a team around change 

This program includes two self-assessments designed to help individuals gain insights into their own leadership styles, communication strategies, and areas for development.:

  • Emotional Intelligence EQ Assessment
  • DiSC Profile Assessment 
Section Number
Instruction Method
Online class

Section Notes

The Management Development Program will meet for six class sessions through Zoom on Wednesdays.

Students will receive an email with login information to access the course the day before the first class.

Students are expected to participate in Zoom class meetings with working video and audio. Microphones should be turned off when not participating. Students are expected to remain engaged during class and conduct themselves professionally. 

Students will receive the UC Davis CPE Management Development Certificate for completing all six class sessions in the program. This program does not have grades.

Last day for enrollment is April 2, 2024

Refund Deadline:
Full (less $30 fee): April 17, 2024
50% (less $30 fee): April 18, 2024
Refunds and/or enrollment transfers will not be approved after this date.

Enrollment Policies

Refund Deadlines:
Full (less $30 fee): April 17, 2024
50% (less $30 fee): April 18, 2024
Refunds and/or enrollment transfers will not be approved after this date.

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Technical Requirements

Students will need Internet access and the ability to join Zoom class meetings with video and audio. Students can check their technical readiness for Zoom at


Info Session Discount

Attendees of UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education Information Sessions may be eligible for $100 discount on a class by entering the Coupon Code provided at the Information Session.  Contact UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education Student Services office, at (800) 752-0881, if you have questions about this discount.