Principles of Cost Accounting

Learn the fundamentals of managerial accounting and discuss how to use accounting/financial data to make better, more profitable business decisions. Examine the role of the managerial accountant in establishing budgets, evaluating the financial impact of day-to-day management decisions and using budgets as control tools. Topics include basic accounting principles; analysis and interpretation of financial statements; cost-volume profit relationships; how to analyze cost behavior; budgeting and the use of accounting data for business decision-making. This course is required to complete the CPA Accounting Certificate Program and the Accounting Essentials Certificate Program. This course is also known as Managerial Accounting

This course fulfills one of the three prerequisites for the UC Davis School of Management's Master of Professional Accountancy Program. Visit for more information.


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Managerial Accounting (5th Edition)

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Principles of Financial Accounting

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