Land Use and Natural Resources Student Reviews



Katie Gallagher

"The virtual, pre-recorded lectures were fantastic. I got more out of them than if these were in person because I stopped and watched some slides again to make sure I fully understood everything. Thank you!"

Nicole Blackhawk, Endangered Species Regulation and Protection Student

"I think this course has really helped broaden my view on species regulation. I’ll definitely be able to apply this to my job and further my career! Thanks so much for providing this opportunity!"

Katie Kolitsos, Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate Program graduate

“I chose Land Use and Natural Resources at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education for its cutting-edge curriculum, the quality of its instructors and its reputation among professionals. Because of their long history of providing quality professional education, I believe that my certificate not only gives me valuable tools to improve the quality of my work, but improves my professional status.”

Jeffrey M. Pemstein, director, RCH Group; vice president, Towne Development of Sacramento/Zilber, HD and Sacramento Valley Section, APA Awards Committee

“Land Use and Natural Resources at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education is equivalent to having a high-quality regional professional training program in my backyard. The program provides cutting-edge information that improves the quality of the planning and environmental professions in our region. As a real estate and development professional, I appreciate the economic benefit provided by the local availability of competent and innovative professionals.”

Amanda Fagan, U.S. Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment

“The Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate Program allowed me to take classes over several years as my work schedule allowed. I enjoyed meeting planning professionals from around Northern California, both as instructors and classmates, and found the coursework to be interesting, challenging and relevant to my job.”

Elizabeth Caraker, AICP, principal planner, city of Monterey

“UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education's courses have been invaluable for our staff. Several of the city’s planning staff and planning commissioners attended the Specific Plans course to help us with several upcoming projects. The instructors were highly qualified and provided important insight to the whole process for creating and implementing a specific plan. Keep up the good work!”

Stuart T. Mori, Professional Concentration in Marketing student, Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate Program graduate 2007 and Business Management Certificate Program graduate 2000

“These programs are worth every penny. My instructors and fellow students were just like meworking adults serious about their careers. With their passion and commitment to excellence, they were always motivating me to apply what I learned. I can honestly say I’ve accomplished unbelievable success with my career as a result of UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.”

Barbara Steck, deputy director, Fresno COG

“In the fast moving regulatory and policy environment of California, we count on UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education courses to provide our staff with current and comprehensive information on existing and emerging state, regional and local strategies and practices. The material is relevant to the work we do and is often presented by practitioners in the field who have firsthand experience.”

Tian-Ting Shih, Ph.D., environmental program manager, California Department of Conservation, Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources

“UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education classes allow me and my staff to obtain valuable knowledge and information pertinent to our jobs with the state of California.”

Barbara Sinnett, program representative II, California Department of Housing & Community Development Asset Management & Compliance Branch

“The Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate Program advanced my career goals and rounded out my résumé. Classmates provided networking opportunities and added value to discussions, while guest speakers tied the material to real-life situations. With a little persistence and some more study time, I was able to break into state service. I've been at my current position now for three years, and it has been very rewarding.”

Lucas Frerichs, council member, City of Davis, Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate graduate

“Earning a certificate in Land Use and Environmental Planning equipped me with the tools to be an effective citizen planner. My four-year term on the City of Davis Planning Commission was extremely productive owing to the education and training I received through UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.”

Alison Bermudez, associate planner, City of Citrus Heights

“Taking part in the Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate Program helped me expand my planning knowledge and provided the opportunity to earn a promotion. In my expanded role as a city planner, I am able to apply the knowledge I gained from so many aspects of the program, including participating in relevant courses, interacting with professional instructors and engaging in conversations with enthusiastic classmates.”

Wendy Ward, director, Preservation Napa Valley

“As the director of a non-profit in heritage conservation and preservation, the Land Use and Environmental Planning program at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education perfectly fit the needs of an organization involved in advocacy, design, law, planning and policy. The classes and instructors provided me with valuable tools, knowledge and resources to be an even more effective, respected part of the community.”

Cindy Siegfried, city planner, City of Nevada City

“I have worked in the planning field for most of my career and, because I lack a formal degree, the Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate Program validated that experience. Classes were so informative and fun; they were fast-paced and interesting, and I enjoyed the interaction with staff and fellow classmates. The knowledge I gained has helped me in my current job, and overall it was a valuable and worthwhile experience.”

Sandi Kreutzburg, analyst, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

“From the Land Use Planning and Natural Resources program and UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education, I gained the confidence that I can really make a difference in achieving not only my goals, but also those of my department. I strive to be a competent participant in the area of natural resource preservation, both in my career and in my personal life. I met and networked with many like-minded individuals in the courses I attended, and am excited to participate in natural resource planning during my future years at Fish and Wildlife.”

Kristin Apple, quality assurance technician, Qolsys

“The Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate Program courses were very informative! I found the certificate program to be a perfect supplement to my previous Environmental Studies undergraduate education. It was especially beneficial to be exposed to the professionals enrolled in the courses and learn about various career opportunities. I found the input from those enrolled in the course to be specifically helpful because it showed how the information learned in the program applied to real life situations.”

Chris Hatfield, Director of the Office of Workforce Development, Division of Planning, Caltrans

“For 14 years, I’ve have successfully partnered with Land Use and Natural Resources to bring high quality and customized training to Caltrans Planning Division staff. I have found [UC Davis Extension] staff easy to work with and highly responsive from the initial stages of contracting through class delivery.”

Andy Fisher

“I have completed two certificate programs through UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education over the past 12 years, most recently the Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate Program. My education at UC Davis has had a direct influence on my career advancement over the same time period from technician to senior planner. I am grateful that UC Davis has built such an adaptable and relevant educational institution to help the working professional.”

Dorinda Himes, environmental manager with Applied Technology and Sciences

“The Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate Program was an excellent experience and provided me with up-to-date technical and regulatory information. The teachers were seasoned professionals and shared their practical experience while encouraging us to do the same for the benefit of the class. I enjoyed the interactive team exercises and learned a lot from the projects and presentations. The extension program staff were great and quick to respond to any questions I had about the program. I’m glad to have chosen this program to further my professional career and recommend it to others.”

Rachelle Kellogg, community development director, City of Sonora

“Following the retirement of the City’s community development director, as the grants/redevelopment manager, I was asked to assume the director’s role. Stepping into this position with no planning background was challenging to say the least. The Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate Program provided me the basic knowledge that I needed to serve in this capacity. The real-life experiences shared by the instructors and others enrolled in the courses were invaluable. I would recommend this program to anyone starting out in this profession.”

Todd Kennedy, city planner, Current Planning Division, City and County of San Francisco Planning Department

“The Land Use Planning and Natural Resources Program at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education has been very satisfying and rewarding. My instructors were experts in the field, engaging and have a vast knowledge base that I was inspired by. The learning environment was consistent and high quality. I recommend to anyone—if you need additional education, skills or knowledge, and you’re not sure where to begin—try UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. They’ll help point you in the right direction.”

Marissa Smith, realty specialist

“I really enjoyed the Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate courses. This certificate program has helped me enhance the knowledge I needed to perform my job successfully.”