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Lean Six Sigma Student Reviews


Headshot of Lean Six Sigma student Krista Newberry

"The best professional development decision I’ve made in years! This course has not only helped me address current projects for myself and my team, but it has connected me to a community of instructors, innovators and like-minded professionals who are happy to share their experience and wealth of knowledge. The course taught me practical methods of approaching and analyzing problems and gave me the language to communicate effectively to teams and leadership. Each session was developed with the right amount of content and featured guests from a variety of industries to demonstrate the practicality of these skills. I know that no matter where my career takes me, I will utilize the knowledge imparted to me from being a student in this course."  Krista Newberry, Analyst, Educational Assessment, Scholarship, Improvement, and Innovation (EASII) Unit, UC Davis School of Medicine 

headshot of Eri Furukawa

“The most rewarding part of the course was being able to start and complete a project that would deliver cost, time and resource saving benefits to my organization. Every assignment in class worked toward the final project, so you’re not just doing filler assignments that simply assess your knowledge, you’re working on documents that are going to be used toward your final project. Beyond the deliverables of the project, I gained a new way of thinking. Instead of fixating on the what the problem or defect is, the Lean Six methodology helped me figure out how to identify possible solutions and how to document them.” Eri Furukawa, Digital Content Strategist, Development & Alumni Relations, UC Davis

headshot of Jasmine Aranda

“I loved being able to get that light bulb feeling during this class. The instructor made it so easy to understand, and getting that feel is great! It makes the learning process really fun. I will be able to apply some of what I learned to a project I am closing up at the end of July and I am very excited to see how using these principals will change the outcome for the better. I went into this course looking to expand my knowledge, but I got so much more than that. I gained a really good understanding of what Lean Six can do for my career and how I can use these and other Lean practices to create a better outcome for my projects going forward. A key component to this course is the instructor—Sonia was great!” Jasmine Aranda, Support Staff Manager, UC Davis Facilities Management Custodial Services 

headshot of John Dolan

“In terms of professional development, the Lean Six Sigma class is one of the best courses I have taken. Being able to work on an actual project from your business or industry throughout the duration of the class and sharing that project with your classmates for their insight and recommendations provided real-time impact and a more directed collaboration. My goal for taking this class was to find better project management tools and learn how to implement them. Tools such as developing a solid problem statement, finding a process for experimentation and questioning a project through the ‘5 Whys’ ​​​​​​were incredibly useful. Just being able to identify and eliminate waste in my project was extremely helpful and made my project much more durable. I even used the Lean portion of the program at home to organize our kitchen pantry. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to manage and move forward projects in a meaningful and collaborative way.” John Dolan, Public Education Specialist, UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education