Public Health Student Reviews


headshot of public health student Francisca Echiburu

“I currently work at the CA Department of Public Health in the STD Control Branch as a Research Data Analyst. The project I work with is called the California Gonorrhea Surveillance System and it has been such an interesting start to my career in public health. Although I am still figuring it out, I am currently interested in becoming an epidemiologist, specifically in STI surveillance. I am super excited to learn from this course to apply it to my current role and hopefully to my next role at the branch, as well as preparing myself for a future MPH program.” Francisca Echiburu, Epidemiology for Health Professionals student

headshot of public health student Olivia

“I am currently working in clinical research at UCSF. We run clinical trials for rheumatology and nephrology as well as longitudinal studies on disease progression. I am still figuring out what I want to do but I am enjoying research, so I hope this program will allow me to explore the field from a larger perspective and decide whether the MPH road is the right path for me.” Olivia, Epidemiology for Health Professionals student

headshot of public health student Suku Varney

“My degree is in political science from San Francisco State University and I am taking this course because of my strong interest in the public health field. I believe this course will serve as a foundation and the bridge to understanding the fundamentals of public health and how it's essential to solving public health issues in the US and globally, thus increasing my chances for UC Davis' MPH program. I am currently unemployed, and it is my hope that a certificate in public health will serve as a gateway into the public health field, where I can contribute to national public health and healthcare issues.” Suku Varney, Epidemiology for Health Professionals student