Hardships Around Shops

My sartorial elegance does not spring from my innate sense of style or fashion, nor even from my own volition. It is by dint of hard work and determination by she who loves me: The Management. She has been known to stand in the doorway, barring my exit into the expectant world, with hands on hips and the words “No Way” written all over her pursed lips and furrowed brow.

My Ticket to Ride

“Wow! A genuine 4-wheel drive vehicle; I can go anywhere.” The Toyota salesman handed me the keys, a new moss green 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser, my ticket to adventure. The machine looked tough, resembling its ancestors, the trucks seen in the long Japanese convoys of WW II movies. The motor in my 1971 version was a descendant of the Chevrolet design that powered those WW II vehicles.

My Genie

Aladdin’s magical and powerful servant from the lamp is simply called Genie in the Disney Arabian Nights tale.  I will name my genie Alexis.  Alexis and I both eschewed oil lamps.  Instead, he came through the door as a patient to our UCLA clinic in 1977.