Bringing the World to UC Davis

The Partners

Academic programs across UC Davis and top-ranked universities around the world

The Program

For nearly 15 years, UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s Global Study Program (GSP) has attracted outstanding undergraduate students from prestigious international partner universities to study at UC Davis.

Students enroll in courses across the university for up to one year on a non-degree basis, typically during their junior year. Based on their experience and the relationships they establish with faculty, many GSP students go on to apply to a graduate program at UC Davis.

The Global Study Program is specifically designed to:

  • Enhance campus internationalization efforts
  • Recruit top students into graduate programs
  • Diversify the classroom by including students from underrepresented geographic, linguistic, and social backgrounds
  • Generate unrestricted revenue for faculty use to fund research, purchase equipment, or support other departmental initiatives
  • Provide an avenue for students from select partner institutions to access the high-quality of a UC education

By working carefully with our partners and the Office of the University Registrar, we ensure that GSP students are able to enroll in classes without displacing matriculating UC Davis undergraduates.

Our Approach

The Global Study Program is constantly evolving based on the needs of our partners, both on-campus and abroad.  We maintain a responsive, flexible attitude, especially when engaging with faculty, and seek to first understand our partner’s needs, vision, resource commitment, and other factors that are involved in program development.

Based on this understanding, we develop a customized program that’s built around each partner’s goals. We manage our areas of expertise - international education and program administration – so faculty members can focus on teaching, research and academic quality. “Our job is to make sure our faculty partners only need to worry about the classroom and the lab,” said Jake Hosier, interim director of the Global Study Program. “We handle everything else.”

Some of the support and administrative services we provide include:

  • Academic oversight and advising (in consultation with the departmental advisers)
  • Orientation and pre-arrival support
  • Cultural adaptation and English language support
  • Course registration through BANNER
  • Immigration paperwork and support
  • Housing assistance
  • Comprehensive health insurance coverage
  • Emergency assistance
  • Cultural excursions
  • Integration into the campus community

The Impact

Since fall, 2005, the Global Study Program has successfully connected some of the world’s top undergraduate students to UC Davis. The program has served more than 3,000 students from 17 countries, generating millions of dollars in revenue for the schools and colleges across campus. These visiting students have performed very well at UC Davis, averaging a 3.05 GPA and participating in over 320 research projects with faculty. 

The Global Study Program also provides a robust pathway for attracting talented Ph.D. and master’s degree students to the university. In the last five years, nearly 200 Global Study Program alumni have joined graduate programs at UC Davis.

An Innovative Campus Partnership

The Global Study Program combines the flexibility and responsiveness of the Continuing and Professional Education Division with the high-quality academic and research expertise of the main campus. It is the only integrated visiting international student program of its kind in the UC system.

Since UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education manages all the logistics and administration, GSP is an easy-to-implement, revenue-generating opportunity for departments to experiment with new ideas and pedagogical approaches. 

“The Global Study Program provides excellent help with everything from orientation and cultural adjustment to course registration support,” said Matthew Augustine, professor and vice chair in the Department of Chemistry. “Their work allows us to focus on research and academics and has enabled the department to take advantage of opportunities we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.”

Interested in an International Partnership?

For more information on UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s Global Study Program and how we can partner to help you achieve your goals, contact:

Jake Hosier
Interim Director
Global Study Program
(530) 752-7314