Partner Reviews

Students and academic programs across UC Davis told us how the Global Study program has benefitted them.

Jean VanderGheynst, former associate dean, Research and Graduate Studies, College of Engineering

“The Global Study Program has been very effective in exposing international students to the exciting research and educational environment on campus and in helping us recruit excellent international students to our graduate programs in engineering.”

Matt Augustine, vice chair and professor, Chemistry

“The GSP is the most delightful and innovative part of UCD that I have worked with in my 20-plus years on Campus.  GSP has figured out how to hire and use a few effective staff to surgically and effectively accomplish targeted realistic goals.  The GSP personnel enable rapid, positive decisions to be made that lead to clear positive outcomes. My interactions with them have always led to more ideas and resources that benefit the entire UCD community.”

Global Study Program Student

"We met so many great, extraordinary, helpful, polite, friendly, funny people. We've grown to like and love those who touched our lives here - and those whose lives we touched. The first Californians I ever met were some of the most welcoming and warm people ever - the Global Study Team. They worked tirelessly, patiently and were dedicated to making this study abroad as pleasant as possible."