Member Reviews

Anne HawkeAnne Hawke

“It’s great to have this time in my life to reconnect with new ideas. I love the classes, the instructors and the camaraderie of OLLI. It’s enriched my outlook on the world in many ways. Honestly, I think I’m a better, more well-rounded person because of my experience with OLLI.”




Ralph HansonRalph Hanson

“The first day after retirement I slept ‘til noon. Second day the same. I deliberately and defiantly did nothing all day. Soon I realized that if no worthy pursuit presented itself, I was faced with the task of cleaning out the garage. That’s when OLLI came in. A friend recommended a class. Now I find more interesting classes than I can handle in my month-to-month schedule.”



Dottie PaigeDottie Paige

“As I became semi-retired, I had time for deeper friendships, and OLLI is a great place to find people looking for the same thing. Now my OLLI friends go to movies with me, we make jewelry together and go out to lunch or dinner. I’ve met so many wonderful people – I can’t imagine life without OLLI.”




Bill BaxterBill B., Davis, Calif.

“At age 63, an OLLI class I enrolled in changed my worldview. I enjoy getting together with people who are well-read and articulate—what a great family to be a part of!”

Roy Henrickson

“Osher Lifelong Learning at UC Davis has enriched my life and refreshed my enthusiasm for learning. I support the Heart of OLLI fund to show my appreciation for what OLLI does for my quality of life.

Raymond P., Vacaville, Calif.

“As before, the class I attended today was fun, profound and insightful!”

OLLI member during the Advanced Light Source Laboratory Tour

“The OLLI excursion was beyond fascinating – it had a once-in-a-lifetime feel. A door I didn’t know about has been opened.”

OLLI member during the Advanced Light Source Laboratory Tour

“The OLLI instructors were fabulous! This was an unbelievable opportunity to hear from leading-edge scientists in a state-of-the-art facility.”

Lin. W

“I like The Atlantic at the Pacific because of the choice of articles, the discussions and the preparation of the instructors. I found the course entertaining and thought provoking.”

OLLI member

“Nick Curro is a great instructor. He is able to reach even the least-informed lay person (such as myself)! Nick makes great use of metaphors to illustrate a point. Fantastic class!”

Sue J.

"Grazia Jaroff’s classes have given me a wealth of ideas to work with. The sessions are extremely informative and thought-provoking, both inside and outside the classroom! It’s a complete challenge of the mind."

Sharon D.

"Gopal Kapur's class, The Magic of Master Sauces, was so entertaining. While food was cooking, he gave fascinating details on the recipes and ingredients. He has a good sense of humor, so we had fun while we were learning to make delicious dishes that save money and time. The combinations seemed endless, and we became familiar with a myriad of new tastes! It was just wonderful! Thank you, OLLI!"

A.S., Davis, Calif.

“The best courses OLLI offers are taught by people who truly love and thoroughly know their subject matter.”