Student Reviews

Maria Sasaki, M.P.H., BCBA, behavioral consultant

"The material covered is well organized and gives just enough detail about all the important concepts. The instructors are down to earth, accessible and knowledgeable. They bring terrific real-life experiences to the classroom and teach lessons that can't be read in any book. They are also understanding of the fact that most of us taking these courses work full-time and make allowances for this accordingly."

Evelyn Margolin, special education teacher 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Autism Spectrum Disorders Professional Concentration because it was flexible and accommodating to my hectic teaching schedule. The readings were invaluable and the assignments were interesting and relevant to my job. I especially appreciated the ability of the instructors to meet our needs. They gave clear agendas and requirements, encouraged us to collaborate through the forums, and offered up-to-date research and expert knowledge."

Susan J. Sparrow, Autism Spectrum Disorder Professional Concentration student

"I have had some amazing employment changes happen after taking courses in the Autism Spectrum Disorder Professional Concentration. People have started to ask my advice! All in all I had a great experience with the instructors and my cohorts. I really hope to be able to continue working with the autism spectrum disorders population. Thanks for providing an extraordinary program."