There isn’t a way to easily explain how coaching connects to the many facets of one’s life-how it can truly change you and the way you see your world. I hope sharing my own experiences can shed light on how coaching can benefit you or someone you love, or even impact how you work and live. Sometimes the most important thing is just knowing you can reach out to someone and they will listen wholeheartedly, without judgment and with an open mind. Being a coach who is open to receiving and giving selflessly is at the core of that type of universal listening.

Living in the moment and holding space-what a fabulous way to share and create change! What a fabulous way to live life and share the gift of mindfulness.

In a world that is “go, go, go,” and full of madness, coaching is the breath. It is kindness. Coaching is change that is created by listening within boundaries and permissions, granted through connection between coach and client. When was the last time you let yourself breathe, or allowed yourself self-care through kindness? When was the last time you created boundaries that were acknowledged and granted, or you were asked for permission to advance into your personal space? This is what coaching can be. It is what coaching can do.

The gift of coaching is to acknowledge and hold that space, those feelings, and present clients with the opportunity to rise above and out of what holds them down. It is the grace to set them free from this very moment forward. This is how coaching has graced me and allows me to grace others. As a student in the UC Davis Coaching Program, I challenged myself to go forward in grace and fly free. And from that moment forward, I have soared toward opportunity and success, as have my clients. It is my hope that through coaching you find that moment as well.