Student Reviews

Robert Ronayne, corporate chemist, Hillshire Brands Company

“The Applied Sensory and Consumer Science Certificate Program is for anyone who is in the business of producing consumer products. To be able to understand what your customer wants, how to deliver the product and sustain marketability is the goal of any organization. Here you will learn and develop those skills, allowing you to help lead your organization to the top leaving your competitors in the rear-view mirror.”

Consuelo, 2018 graduate

“This certificate is very important for my professional growth. With this new training, I have the knowledge to develop the Sensory Evaluation Unit in my faculty of agronomy and in particular in the area of enology to which I belong. I see that in enology there is a great need for sensory science. I will be able to apply everything I have learned and with a very promising future.”

Casandra V. Turner, Kraft Foods

“This was indeed one of the best learning programs that I have been involved in. The teachings are invaluable and insightful. The program has broadened my knowledge base, which makes for a more efficient sensory scientist.”

Julie Thompson, Sensory Scientist, Griffith Foods, Alsip, IL

“First, thank you to the instructors for your extensive guidance throughout the program! It was an excellent learning experience, and I feel that I have gained knowledge that will advance me in my career as a sensory professional.”

Patricia Osidacz, Sensory Scientist, The Australian Wine Research Institute

“The program was very useful because I learned the background of most of the techniques I use at work, improving my confidence when planning a study and analyzing the results.”

Liv Bente Strandos, Manager Sensory Services, Elopak, Norway

I have enjoyed the program very much and learned a lot. As all of my sensory experience was limited to working with my internal panel in R&D, it has been extremely useful to be introduced to all aspects of sensory science—this will for sure open up new career possibilities.”

Alain Montembault, Danone Vitapole

“This program exposes you to a considerable amount of knowledge in the areas of sensory and consumer science. As a manager, the flexible nature of the program was perfect for me. The program also prepares you for many different types of projects. The instructors and students were quick to help and to respond to my comments.”

Irene Anglada, Griffith Foods, Costa Rica

“The program helped to build my self-confidence in the area of sensory science. I use the material from the courses to look for general information, when I need to include a reference to support certain affirmations or methods, and to consult when I have any doubts. In general, the certificate was very positive and I would definitely recommend it.”

Jonathan Rason, MARS

“Thank you again for the quality of the online certificate, it really made a difference in my work life.”

Janice Ozenbaugh, Peryam and Kroll Research Corp

“This program has brought me into a whole new world of sensory research that I am only vaguely familiar with. Although I am involved more with affective testing, the knowledge I gained from this program can only help to make me a better and more responsible researcher. With the demands of my own career and family responsibilities, the ability to work at my own pace was also greatly beneficial.”

Shane Hanna, Orlando Wines, Barossa Valley, Australia

“Although at times the course work was hectic, the content and structure of the course made it enjoyable and a very productive learning environment. Thank you to all of UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education for coordinating such a unique and valuable program. The program came highly recommended to me and definitely didn't disappoint!”

Ying Yan Loo, Sensory and Consumer Insights Analyst, International Flavours & Fragrances (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, Singapore

“My favorite part of the course is the exchange of experiences between the people here. I came into sensory as a fresh graduate, and my experience was limited to my current company. It is interesting to know what the sensory departments in other companies are doing. It is one thing to read about a method in literature, but another to realize that these methods are actually being used in the market.”

Clotilde Croixmarie, Givaudan

“The program is a very thorough review of methodologies and approaches to sensory and consumer testing. It has enabled me to question the way we normally do things and ensure I can see the bigger picture. It is fantastic to have a program that acknowledges the fact that product testing and consumer testing need to be integrated with one another and into the everyday business process. The possibility to interact with other students all around the world is invaluable.”