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Student Spotlight: Kelin Bradley

Kelin Bradley has always had a passion for food and an interest in science. As a food science, safety and compliance manager at Mayorga Organics in Florida, he has found a way to successfully marry the two.

But it wasn’t a straight path. Although his background was in marketing, he joined Coffeeland in Ontario, California as an assistant coffee roaster and quickly realized he needed to add to his skill set to excel at his job.

“I didn't know anything about sensory,” said Bradley. “Sensory evaluation is the primary facet of specialty coffee, and when you don’t have knowledge in sensory science, you’re pretty much handicapped. I didn’t have the skills to effectively take on tasks at work. I wanted a deeper look and found the Applied Sensory and Consumer Science Certificate Program.”

“This program taught me so many skills and gave me confidence! Rather than feeling like I was uneducated in what I was doing, I was able to show new things to my company.”

Gaining Confidence

The certificate program paved the way for Bradley, providing him with essential training and opening his eyes to a new field. “The program equips you with tools to go out and analyze things in ways you never thought you could,” he said.

The chance to gain technical skills and learn how to apply raw data to help businesses make decisions, was invaluable. “It empowered me,” he said. “I’m not just presenting an opinion. Now I can actually provide data and show direction for decisions.”
The program also helped Bradley define what he wants to do and gave him a foundation for understanding the breadth of sensory science and the difference between food safety, quality control, product design and product safety. “Overall the program has created a unique opportunity for me to be an asset to any company because I can work in any part of the industry.”

Want to Advance Your Career in Sensory and Consumer Science?

​​​The Applied Sensory and Consumer Science program features:

  • Online convenience
  • Practical skills and techniques that can be used immediately in workplace
  • Access to veteran instructors 
  • Exceptional networking opportunities 

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The Right Choice

Bradley appreciated the program’s combination of academic and real-world curriculum and championed the professors. “The program married business and science in a way that was effective and fun,” he said. 

He also benefited from networking with fellow sensory science professionals in his cohort. “There's a community of people that I never knew existed,” he said. “They have so much experience and information to share. We all learned so much from each other.”

Planning for the Future

Bradley’s ambition and motivation to succeed in the sensory and consumer science industry led him to UC Davis. Now, with the knowledge and confidence he’s gained, he’s ready to make an impact. “One of my goals is to work with product development and training professionals in sensory and quality control.” said Bradley. “I want to focus on educating people. One day I may be at UC Davis.” 

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