Student Reviews

Ryan Myhre, head brewer, Big Time Brewing Co. and Alehous

"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of class time. Thank you for the knowledge you instilled in me. It has already made me a better brewer, and I will carry it with me for the rest of my career."

Jim Hardesty, general manager, Mack and Jack Brewing Company

"The Professional Brewers Certificate Program led to my next career choice. Mack and Jack Brewing Company found me through the resume booklet produced in the class. The brewery is growing and they wanted someone with my experience and knowledge. I am so happy I took the class; it was such an enjoyable experience. It reignited my fire for learning."

Kyle Matthias, brewer, Deschutes Brewery

"There is no doubt that the Professional Brewers Certificate Program made it possible for me to land the position at Deschutes Brewery. I gained a lot of technical knowledge related to brewing but my greatest takeaways have more to do with what it means to be a brewer as opposed to how to brew."

Josh Penney, brewer, Golden Road Brewing

"This was definitely the best learning experience I've had."